Dominica has been nicknamed the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean" for its natural environment. The island has lush mountainous rainforest, and is home to many rare plants, animals, and bird species.

Dominica was devastated by Hurricane David in August 1979, and then again by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. There was widespread damage when I visited the island in January 2018. Dominica doesn't have much own resources, so they have a very difficult time recovering from the devastation. Just a few days after my visit, the first cruise ship since the hurricane was scheduled to port in Roseau. Tourism is the main income generator for Dominica, so everybody was eagerly awaiting the cruise ship

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Approaching Dominica Rainy We
Approaching Dominica. It was rainy when we got there. (572k)
Roseau Capital Dominica Like
Roseau, Capital of Dominica. Like many of the Caribbean cities, Roseau is very colorfull. (648k)
Roseau Capital Dominica
Roseau, Capital of Dominica. (788k)
Closer View Roseau Notice
Closer view of Roseau. Notice the many blue plastic tarps covering buildings damaged by the hurricane. (937k)
Our Lady Fair Haven
Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral in downtown Roseau. (791k)
Damaged Building Downtown Roseau
Damaged building in downtown Roseau. (641k)
Damaged Building
Damaged building. (907k)
Devastation Everywhere
Devastation was everywhere. (1008k)
Damaged Powerlines
Damaged powerlines. (1263k)
African Baobab (Adansonia digitata)
This African Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata, german: Afrikanischer Affenbrotbaum, french: Baobab africain) broke in an earlier hurricane and crashed onto a car. It was left there. (1065k)
Road Damage
Road damage. (958k)
Damage Trail Trafalgar Falls
Damage to the trail to the Trafalgar Falls. (1.5M)
Removing Huge Rock Trail
Removing a huge rock from the trail, by heating and cracking it. (1121k)
Fixing Damage Tralafgar Falls
Fixing damage to the Tralafgar Falls Visitor Center. (1075k)
Damaged Water Pipe Hydroelectric
Damaged water pipe for the hydroelectric plant. (1327k)
Water Main Hydroelectric Plant
Water main for hydroelectric plant. (1320k)
Village Roseau Valley All
Village in the Roseau Valley. All the trees have been affected by the hurricane. (1120k)
Village Roseau Valley Several
Village in the Roseau Valley. Several roofs have been damaged by the hurricane. (1238k)
Wrought-iron Work Building Downtown
Wrought-iron work on a building in downtown Roseau. (642k)
Traffic Downtown Roseau
Traffic in downtown Roseau. (693k)
Street Downtown Roseau
Street in downtown Roseau. (698k)
Market Roseau
Market in Roseau. (809k)
Cruise Ship Dock Roseau
Cruise ship dock in Roseau. (633k)
Working Cruise Ship Dock
Working on the cruise ship dock in Roseau in preparation for the first cruise ship since the hurricane, expected in a few days. (784k)
Big Excavator
Big excavator. (958k)
Big Excavator Work
Big excavator at work. (750k)
Utility Crew Crews Everywhere
Utility crew. These crews were everywhere, trying to cope with the damage. (837k)
Utility Crew Working Powerlines
Utility crew working on powerlines. (820k)
Utility Crew Working Powerlines
Utility crew working on powerlines. (1076k)

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