Following is the best list of Pharaohs that I could assemble. It is from The Ancient Egypt Site (AES below) and the Ancient Egypt (AE below) site, and from Wikipedia. These sites have a lot of information and internally consistent time lines, although they differ from each other. All the hieroglyphic names up to the 15th Dynasty are from these websites.

The Ancient Egypt Site has detailed information up to the 15th Dynasty. The site Ancient Egypt also has a lot of information. I link to that site as well. For later Pharaohs I link to the Wikipedia website, which also has a lot of information.

Putting dates to the different Pharaohs is very difficult. At first I intended to collect dates from different sources and aggregate them into a "best" list. It quickly became apparent that this wouldn't work. The dates between different sources are just too different. I ended up using a consistent time-line from the Ancient Egypt site up to the end of the second Intermediate Period, with only a few modifications where this source either did not have any information or inconsistent information. From the New Kingdom on I relied on Wikipedia.

I have tried to find the names of the Pharaohs in hieroglyphs, and correlating the ones that I took pictures of with the names of the Pharaohs in the following lists. Dan McCarthy was a huge help in identified various Pharaoh names in pictures of Cartouches that I took.

Pharaohs had several names, see Cartouches.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

Predynastic Period (Wiki): before 3200 BCE

Protodynastic Period: 3200 - 3100 BCE

Early Dynastic Period: 3100 - 2655 BCE

Old Kingdom: 2655 - 2176 BCE

First Intermediate Period: 2175 - 2055 BCE

Middle Kingdom: 2055 - 1624 BCE

Second Intermediate Period: 1624 - 1534 BCE

New Kingdom: 1534 - 1069 BCE

Third Intermediate Period: 1070 - 656 BCE

Late Dynastic Period: 672 - 332 BCE

Greek Period: 332 - 30 BCE

Roman Era (AES): 30 BCE - CE 324

Byzantine Era: CE 324 - 638

Islamic Rule: 638 - 1882

British Occupation: 1882 - 1952

Independent Egypt: 1952 - present

List of Miscellaneous Pharaoh's Cartouches

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