In November 2005 I attended a United Nations/ESA/NASA Workshop on the International Heliophysical Year IHY 2007, held in the oasis Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates. While there I made a brief visit to Buraimi in Oman.

In February, 2006 I visited Jordan and Egypt. I spent two weeks in Egypt and one week in Jordan. The trip was organized by Overseas Adventure Travel.

In June/July I visited Turkey for two weeks. In the two weeks I drove a total of over 6,000 km (3,700 miles). But Turkey is a pretty big country, so I saw only the western ⅔rd of the country. It was faszinating to see all the historical sites.

In May 2018 I visited Cyprus as part of a longer Mediterranean visit. There are a lot of historical sites in Cyprus, especiallly the Byzantine painted churches were faszinating.

In December 2018 I visited three more Middle Eastern countries, this time in the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. This was a short trip. All three countries are so small you can see everything worth while in a day or two.

In November 2022 I visited Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen. The trip was organized by Spiekerman.

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البحرين (Bahrain)
Κυπρος (Cyprus)
مصر (Egypt)
الأردنّ (Jordan)
الكويت (Kuwait)
عمان (Oman)
قطر (Qatar)
Türkiye Cumhurieti (Turkey)
United Arab Emirates
دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة (United Arab Emirates)
اليَمَن (Yemen)

The total number of pictures online on my website from the Middle East is 2,250, the total number of video clips is 2

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