In August 2018 I visited Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia on a 3-week trip through South America. The trip was organized by Tucan Travel, a now defunct tour operator. The organization of the trip was mostly well done, only in Bolivia did I have some glitches. Here is the report on the Paraguay part of the trip.


My visit to Paraguay was short, only four nights, three in Asunción and one in the Chaco. It was almost all bird watching.

I arrived just before midnight in Asunción. My guide picked me up at the airport and brought me downtown to my hotel for a short night. Early the next morning we drove to the Chaco, doing bird watching all the way. My guide was very knowledgeable about birds. We stayed one night in Filadelfia. The next day we did more bird watching in the Chaco, and then returned late that afternoon to Asuncion.

The next day was a day trip to Ybycuí National Park, about 120 km (75 miles) from Asunción. This trip was dissapointing, I didn't see any birds all day.

After another night in Asunción I continued my trip to Bolivia.


Bird watching was nice in the Chaco. I saw a lot of interesting new ones, like the Strange-tailed Tyrant, the Giant Rail and the Greater Rhea. I didn't see many land animals, only Tapir tracks. The Tapirs are mostly nocturnal so it is difficult to see them. It was a short but successfull bird watching visit, I took pictures of lots of bird species.

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Nature in Paraguay
Birds in Paraguay

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