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Landscapes on Kilimanjaro

Lower Slopes Kilimanjaro Forests
Lower slopes on Kilimanjaro with forests. (1115k)
Landscape Above Tree Line
Landscape above the tree line. (1168k)
View Over Kenya Rift
View over Kenya with the Rift Valley mountains in the distance. (876k)
Mawenzi Mountain Sunrise Next
Mawenzi mountain at sunrise, next to Kilimanjaro. (477k)
Mawenzi Mountain Sunset
Mawenzi mountain at sunset. (431k)
Kilimanjaro Rising Above Clouds
Kilimanjaro rising above the clouds. (487k)
Kilimanjaro Fresh Snow
Kilimanjaro with fresh snow. (696k)
Kilimanjaro Summit Route Left
Kilimanjaro. The summit route is on the left side of the mountain. (1246k)
Kilimanjaro Descent Route Right
Kilimanjaro. The descent route is on the right. (1279k)
Kilimanjaro Moon Above
Kilimanjaro with the moon above. (987k)
Kilimanjaro During Sunrise Dark
Kilimanjaro during sunrise. The dark area on the left flank of Kilimanjaro is the shadow of Mawenzi. (815k)
View Crater Top Kilimanjaro
View of the crater on top of Kilimanjaro. Uhuru Peak is at left center behind the cloud. (776k)
View Crater Patches Glacier
View of the crater with patches of glacier. (793k)
Glacier Top Kilimanjaro Slowly
The glacier on top of Kilimanjaro is slowly disappearing. It is already broken up in smaller patches. (840k)

Flora on Kilimanjaro

Lichen All Grows Highest
Lichen is all that grows at the highest altitudes. (1391k)
Big Tree Forest Lower
Big tree forest at lower altitude. (1292k)
Wildflowers. (1217k)
Alpine Flowers
Alpine flowers. (1450k)
Kilimanjaro Sugarbush (Protea kilimandscharica)
Kilimanjaro Sugarbush (Protea kilimandscharica, french: Protea caffra ssp. kilimandscharica), endemic to Kilimanjaro. (984k)
Flower. (1153k)
Paintbrush Lily (Scadoxus puniceus)
Paintbrush Lily (Scadoxus puniceus). (957k)
Kili Gin-and-tonic Lobelia (Lobelia deckenii deckenii)
Kili Gin-and-tonic Lobelia (Lobelia deckenii deckenii), endemic to Kilimanjaro. (1469k)
Kilimanjaro Impatiens (Impatiens kilimanjari)
Kilimanjaro Impatiens (Impatiens kilimanjari), endemic to Kilimanjaro. (1097k)

Fauna Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza (Colobus caudatus)
Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza (Colobus caudatus, german: Kilimandscharo-Guereza, french: Guéréza du Kilimandjaro). (1416k)
Desiccated Mummy Buffalo About
Desiccated mummy of a buffalo at about 4,600 m (15,090 ft). (1201k)

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