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In October/November 2014 I visited Central Asia and the Caucasus. The tour was organized by Original World. The organization was flawless. Before I left, I was a bit apprehensive about the many border crossings and changes of tour guides, but everything worked like clockwork. The current guide in the country I was leaving brought me to the border, and the new guide would pick me up after crossing the two borders. The border crossings in Central Asia took some time (45 min - 1 hour), but were no problem. In the Caucasus the crossings were faster, they took only a few minutes. I had all the necessary visa arranged in advance. In each new country the new guide was already waiting for me. I was very pleased with the organization of the trip and can really recommend Original World.

In Central Asia I visited Türkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, in the Caucasus I visited Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. It was a very interesting trip, with almost 6 weeks the longest I have done so far.

Samarkand is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Just like the other countries on this trip, Uzbekistan was not what I had expected. I expected drab Soviet style cities, dilapidated cars, and depressed people. It was quite the opposite, the cities were modern, busy, and people hanging on cell phones like everywhere else in the world. There were some areas that were not renovated, where you could still see the older Soviet style buildings. The villages lag behind the capital, but altogether I had a very good impression of Uzbekistan.

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