Almost all the nature that I saw was at the Asa Wright Nature Center. I also drove to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, but you can't do anything there without a guided tour.

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Flora in Trinidad

Rain Forest
Rain Forest. (1414k)
Bamboo Foreign Invasive Plant
Bamboo. This is a foreign invasive plant. (1378k)
Air Plants
Air plants. (1036k)
Justicia secunda
Justicia (Justicia secunda). (595k)
Flower. (1102k)
Flower. (985k)
Pachystachys lutea
Golden Shrimp Plant (Pachystachys lutea). (646k)
Palicourea tomentosa
Hot Lips (Palicourea tomentosa). (709k)
Pachystachys coccinea
Cardinals Guard (Pachystachys coccinea, french: Carmantine rouge). (629k)
Etlingera elatior
Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior, german: Fackel-Ingwer, french: Rose de porcelaine). (603k)
Heliconia chartacea
Sexy Pink (Heliconia chartacea). (1051k)
Entada gigas
Monkey Ladder Vine (Entada gigas, french: Cœur de la mer). (1461k)

Fauna in Trinidad

Termite Nest
Termite nest. (1166k)
Leafcutter Ant Huge Head
Leafcutter ant with huge head and pincers. (722k)
Dasyprocta leporina
Red-rumped Agouti (Dasyprocta leporina, french: Agouti doré). (1107k)

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